Canyoning in the most famous Canyon of France “the Canyon du Llech”

The “Canyon du Llech” on the Canigou is the most famous place for Canyoning in France.

There is no other canyon like the Llech, no spot has so much jumps and Rockslides as the Llech canyoning has!

There is some absailing 14 meters high, Jumps up to 9 meters high and Rockslides down waterfalls.

The Canyon de Llech

The Canyon de Llech

The Llech is completely natural, also it is only for adults  (16 years old minimum) and for sportive people, if you have fear from high or don’t like to walk up mountains or you are not very motivated by jumping from cliffs in to cold whitewater pools, do not come!

But if you like all this then you are going to love the Canyon du Llech.

It is a very nice place so we will ask you to respect the nature and not spread sun cream  all over your body that will finish in the river and the fish don’t need this (thanks).

The Llech canyoning will take a big half day do be done, we provide all the gear.

Situated near Prades on the Canigou mountain, the Llech Canyoning site is at about 45 minutes driving from Perpignan in south France.

Rockslide in the Llech

Rockslide in the Llech


absailing in the Llech canyon

absailing in the Llech canyon










Please contact me for any further information, it will be a pleasure to answer.

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