Easy canyoning in south of France in Galamus gorges

The Gorges de Galamus are a natural amazing place in the south of France in Saint Paul de Fenouillet near Perpignan, we do Gorge Walking and easy Canyoning in there, it is just full pleasure!

Many people come at the Gorges de Galamus to visit the place walking on the road and the path around but nobody can see it like us, because we are down in the gorges, swimming in the fresh water, jumping in the pools, sliding down small waterfalls.

We are equipped with neoprene suits and helmets to keep us warm and safe.

It will take us about tree hours all in all to do the Galamus Gorges.

We go there two times a day, so you can choose to come in the morning or afternoon whenever you like (also depending on weather and availability).

To make a reservation it is very easy, simply call us on the+33 619 361 647 or send us an email at aventure.active@gmail.com

Paysage dans Galamus


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