Whitewater Rafting in the Gorges de l’Aude, French Pyrenees, south of France

The Aude River  in the “Haute Vallée de l’Aude” is a great area for whitewater sports and specially the Rafting and the Hydrospeed but also Tubing can be practiced here on the Aude River in between Axat and Quillan.

Our whitewater sports center name is “Pyrenees Outdoor” and it is situated in Saint-Martin-Lys at only one hour driving from Carcassonne and about one and half hour from Perpignan.

hitewater sports center in the Aude

whitewater sports center in the Aude

By the side of the Aude river, Pyrenees Outdoor whitewater center is the meeting place for whitewater rafting, Hydrospeeding and Tubbing.

Here you will have a choice in several trips depending on what you are looking for, we do easy family trips, sportive trips, all the gear is provided and all the instructors  speak English.

the rates are starting at 30€ per person up to 40€ depending on the trip you choose, but the best way to decide yourself  it to contact us and we will give you more information and details about the different possibilities.

Phone: +33 619 361 647
Email: aventure.active@gmail.com

Rafting Aude River

 Rafting on the Aude river

Rafting on the Aude river

Rafting on easy part of Aude River

Rafting on easy part of Aude River

On our whitewater center you can park your car during the activities, you can have your picnic or make a barbecue, there is toilets and a place to change, it is a simple and pleasant place to be.

3 different whitewater rafting trips are possible:

  • Rafting Découverte (easy family trip in grade 2 and 3 rapids) : 30€ per person (about 10kms down the river).
  • Rafting Sportif (excinting trip with some grade 4 rapids): 35€ per person ( about 8 kms down the river).
  • Rafting Integrale ( full gorge rafting easy trip + sportive Trip): 40€ per  person ( about 15kms down the river)

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